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Adrienne Bruce

Adrienne Bruce is the Founder & CEO at 7 Psyche, a business that delivers transformative solutions that support creatives and creative teams in getting where they want to be.

As a past Educator, Tech evangelist, & Consultant, Adrienne has seen it all and listens. She understands what it’s like to want more from life and to be someone who "walks the walk,” committed to creating an audacious life consistent with one’s principles & values.

Educated at Boston University, Drexel University, and Angelo State University, Adrienne was born in Philadelphia and is now based in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada for over 18 years.

Adrienne is a Certified Master Practitioner in Energy Leadership & Performance (ELI-MP) and for over 30 years, she has worked with thousands of people to create performance-based results in business, technology, personal growth, and leadership. She has a unique ability to help people get to the heart of their issues and create lasting transformation.

Adrienne served in the United Stated Navy as a language-based Cryptologist reporting to the National Security Agency followed by a stint as a Systems Analyst at Lockheed Martin working on their Space-based Infrared Satellite Systems program. Her commitment is that all people experience having healthy, sustainable, and fulfilling lives.


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