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Session: Invest in Your Career & Life: The ROI of Executive Coaching

Session Participants:

  • Jodi Durst
  • Polly Van Duser
  • Tina Reese

About the Speaker:

Jodi Durst, a dynamic and accomplished leader in the world of business, has earned a reputation for her unwavering dedication to innovation and excellence. With years of experience, she has made a significant impact on the global payment landscape by founding and leading several successful companies. As the CEO and Co-Founder of e-Paymints, Jodi inspires and empowers countless individuals and aspiring entrepreneurs through her work and the impact it creates. Over the years, she has demonstrated her innate ability to recognize emerging trends, seize opportunities, make the complicated simple and develop disruptive business models that continue to shape the payment industry. 

Jodi’s strategic growth mindset and adaptability have powered her to navigate the ever-evolving and competitive market with finesse. Jodi shares her knowledge and experiences by helping and supporting others through her mentoring, speaking engagements and the support of her community.

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