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  This book tells the life story of Chris Burress, founder of SES Research and how the discover of the Carbon 60 molecule changed his life

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Want to know the truth about how energy, temperature, and climate work? Read The Truth about Energy, Global Warming, and Climate Change. Click below to buy a copy.

Want to understand why the neo-Marxists, cultural Maoists, and anarchists of the woke critical theory radical Left live in a fundamentally different view of reality, operating with a set of values that redefines truth to be subjective? Read The Truth about Neo-Marxism, Cultural Maoism, and Anarchy. Click below to buy a copy.

Marcuse’s Utopia, Post-Modernism and Today’s Left – The Truth Central August 4, 2023

Dr. Jerome Corsi delves into the Utopian philosophy of Herbert Marcuse, the German philosopher who rose to fame in the 60s and 70s and is considered the "Father of the…

Jean Baudrillard, Post-Modernism, the Matrix and the Truth – The Truth Central August 3, 2023

Dr. Jerome Corsi examines the philosophies of Jean Baudrillard, whose focus on hyperreality is the basis for much of the Identity Politics festering in today's society, where people will believe…

Why Totalitarians Have Adopted the “Man-Made Climate Change” Agenda – The Truth Central August 2, 2023

Dr. Jerome Corsi takes an in-depth look into how and why totalitarians and Marxists have adapted the Man-Made Climate Change Narrative to achieve and maintain power through the use of…

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