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Session: What does Adapt to Regulatory Modernization Mean?

Session Participants:

  • Travis Dulaney

Educational Session: Compliance

Session Participants:

  • Travis Dulaney
  • Kimberly Hebb

About the Speaker:

Travis Dulaney is a person with exponential drive! That drive is based on a strong sense of purpose to help the underserved and entrepreneurs who spend years on the tight rope trying to make their dreams come true by providing innovative tools and services that fix “real problems” in the financial services industry. 

He has a history of accomplishments and achievements in the area of FinTech, Banking, Payments, Compliance, dating back to the beginning of the Prepaid Industry when he designed the first FSA card program called the BennyCard.

Most recently he successfully exited his last startup, PayFi, where he built one of the first real time payment processors in the market. Payfi provided, Visa Direct, MasterCard Send, Mastercard Bill Payment and RTP by The Clearing House to Community Banks and Fintechs. It was the launching point for many successful Fintechs; ZayZoom, Dave, Alviere.

Travis led the team that won the FDIC contract for FIS and won a 78 million / 7-year contract. In addition, he then built and led the entire implementation team totaling over 78 people per bank closure over a 96-hour period and closing multiple banks every weekend for 4 years. Travis and his team executed hundreds of bank closures during our last economic collapse and his depth of knowledge in Banking and Regulation is extensive.

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